Sunday, 8 May 2011

Just back from a week in Portugal. Mixed weather, good company

Ladies in tiaras, the night of the Royal Wedding - just prior to dinner!

The cast of the Murder Mystery - me (cross-dresser and murderer!) far left.
Some of the stars below:

The Deputy Mayor of Casablanca!

 The fabulous femme fatale and art dealer all the way from Denmark.

The very naughty (and haughty) Contess from somewhere east of Prague!

Mr Oily-Cart......a spy in disguise!

The jealous Spaniard who loved the man I murdered.

A rather nasty Nazi.......
And a slapper in disguise (the deputy Mayor's wife with several men friends!)

That damned Yank - and whose side was he on anyway?

The deputy mayor's daughter hamming it up again - no comment!


from pool down to courtyard

Lovely spot (picture is the garden from the pool down to the courtyard) in a tiny hamlet about 30 minutes from the coast at Faro, and about 10 minutes to the nearest town for shopping.
( We had 4 days grey, 3 days sunny - but no cold winds or bad rain. I took three books, once of which I was already reading, and managed to finish on the plane coming home. It was like watching paint dry - wish I'd never started the bloomin' thing, but ah, well, its done now. It was Deceits of Time by Isobel Colgate, and although she wrote The Shooting Party, I'm afraid I didn't care for it at all.