Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spring comes and brings a worry for next Winter

"I think we had better call the papers" said Willie, "for some big ones are knocking down our Winter shelter, and they are not our big ones, but some big ones with very nasty instruments of torture - quick, put your hands over your ears!   Eeeeek!  that is hurting my ears!"  What was hurting Willie's ears was an industrial grinder, but you wouldn't expect a woodmouse to know that.  The big ones in the house where Shermouse Holmes lived in the garden were taking down an old garage, the very garage that lots of the woodmice sheltered in every winter, for it was warm and dry.  This could be a real problem next year - where would they go to get out of the storms?  All that remained now was the hard concrete floor, no camping chairs to nibble on, no boxes to shelter in, and really, no hope at all for next Winter.  "I am going to call Mr Cheeeeeek at the Daily Fieldwhiskers", said Willie, "mousepeople need to know!"

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