Friday, 4 January 2013

Muddle and Win (the battle for Sally Jones) - John Dickinson

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Sally and Bobbie are twins - one can't do anything wrong, and one can't to anything right. When, downstairs, in Pandaemonium, they see that her Lifetime Deeds Counter is showing millions in the plus column and nil in the minus column, they know that Sally needs turning! So a very small demon called Muddlespot is sent upstairs to win Sally over. And from upstairs, they send Windleberry, a square jawed, handsome angel to fight for the other side.

Aimed at younger readers, I think probably between 8 and 12, this is a clever and funny story. The chapters are short, so for lone readers there is no place for boredom or tedium, and for reading aloud, always convenient stopping places. Good and evil - always a good idea for a book, and this one is nicely described. John Dickinson has written other children's books, and I would certainly read more. And the ending? Well..... depends who you want to win really, and that last battle is rather noisy with Bham! Grrrr! and Take That! all over the pages. Fun.

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