Thursday, 21 February 2013

Knife - R J Anderson


Wow!  this is a faery story - yes, really.  A "got to finish it in one go" kind of book.  Bryony is a faery who comes from what just might be the last faery group in the world.  They have lost lots of their magic, they are no longer brave, and they just may be dying.  Bryony gets a new job, which means that she is able to leave the oak tree and go out into the world (not a big one, granted, but for her a huge and disturbing place).
She comes into contact with a boy - now grown - who she first came across when he was a little boy, and who could see her!.  They forge a friendship which may have dreadful repurcussions on the faery group, but without him, she feels she is not complete.
I cannot really put into words the way I feel about this book.  It is very strange indeed, but very clever.  Why do we never see the little folk any more?  Do they still exist?  This will make you wonder.  The brave Bryony finds a secret which tells her why her faery family are in such trouble.  In order to put this right she must give up the boy, or her faery life.  I believe it was written for young adults, or very good younger readers, and I could not put it down. 
If you like fantasy, and even if you only half believe in "the little people", I think you will find this may stay with you for a long time after reading.