Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mahem in Majorca!

This is just a taste of 2013's Majorcan holiday.... those of you who  where there will recognise yourselves, and that's all we need to know, really!
Mr and Mrs Mac enjoying the ambience - and the red wine of course! - in character as Sir Lew and his friend Anna
Will - fiance of Anna and supposedly rich NZ sheep farmer - love the 'tache!
Mary Jane - widowed but still full of fun!

Victor - all the ladies love him and the feeling is mutual!
Fanny - Loves family life (not) and is a suffragette!

Lew - our host.  ex-army officer, and an eye for the ladies.....

Baby Doll - gold only for this girl!

Bill - quiet but deadly!
Ruby - driving, dancing, loves life and Lew too.

Ivana - Eastern European housekeeper - questionable taste in underwear!

Hudson - spivy American - and where does his money come from?
Anna - can you see her living on a sheep farm in New Zealand?!!!

Penny - loves Jazz, bursts into song at inopportune moments!

Coco Chanel - tonight's "special" guest - wearing every bloody pearl she owns (and some she doesn't!)