Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bee Food!

We have a large area of grass - it's not a lawn, but it's nice to have, and we do nothing to it except cut it, and from time to time dig weeds out of it.  We don't water it in hot weather, we don't feed or re-seed, and every year, there will be a flush of wild flowers.  This year we had huge patches of clover, which bees love.  Couldn't bring ourselves to deny the bees, so here is our answer:  a very bad picture (!) taken from the bedroom window, showing the two patches of clover we left for the bees.   Every day we have at least 12 bees on each patch, constantly, throughout the day, buzzing away.  And of those bees, there are many different sizes, shapes and colours....... a bee follower would be fascinated! 

If you have clover in your grass, why not be creative, and provide nurture for these lovely creatures.  They are in such a bad way in the world just now.... every gardener could help just a little.