Monday, 12 August 2013

She Went to War - Edith Pargeter

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First published during WW2.   Catherine Saxon is the story teller - and in the form of letters, she tells her story to a male friend who is bedbound following injuries received during WW1.  She is a person who wants to do what's right, and in that to make the world right and be a person to be looked up to - and she did so hope that the world would put itself right after the war was over... pity.  I have to say that this little book was worth the read and, because it was based on Pargeter's own experiences, gave me a great insight into WRNS activity during the war, and also the way the population seemed to be able to carry on working and dealing with being bombed on a day in day out basis.  She describes the way that women have to bunk together, and guesses that men can do this better, but then just gets on with it.  So many little insights about her life and the life of other WRNS are contained in this excellent depiction of life during the early years of WW2.  It also had me in absolute tatters towards the end of the book when the end of Crete was described and with that end, the death of her lover.  If you can find a copy, I urge you to read this if you have any interest in Greece, why they feel like they do today, how hard they fought with nothing to defend themselves, and how many allies died because of the stupidity of those very politicians that she railed against, wanting them to be honest and far thinking but knowing that they were not - and of course are still not.