Friday, 22 November 2013

Don't always get what you want!

It will be no surprise to some of my readers that I review for Amazon ..... I am an Amazon Vine member, which means that every month Amazon sends me a list of things from which I can choose up to two for review.  As I am a great reader, my reviews are almost always for books.  And every month, on a list apparently aimed just at me, I will probably find a book that I want to read and don't mind reviewing.

This month though, I believe that Amazon's computer sent me someone else's list to choose from.  Otherwise, why on earth would my list be so short, and have Durex on it?!!!  Anyway, "my" list this month gave me a choice of:

A coffee table book about hunting lodges (no thank you)

Durex (don't have to worry about contraceptives since a large surgical procedure a few years ago)

D*ttol cleaning products assorted (ah, how did Amazon know I am not the best housewife in the world?)

So - the best of a bad job saw me asking for D*ettol spray, for cleaning table tops and kitchen work-tops.  Hopefully the computer will be on top form next month and I can find a book on my list!!