Monday, 16 December 2013

The Prankster - James Polster

The Prankster: A Novella 
 109 pages of sci-fi joy! The Prankster is Pom Trager, a celeb back there on his home planet. He travels through time, changing history on Earth for a TV programme. Who knew that the Egyptians were planning to inter their Pharoahs in square buildings until the Prankster showed them how good a pyramid looked? When a new sponsor drops in the watch the latest programme being made, things start to go wrong for Trager, currently in 21st century America, and it looks as though a rescuer will have to be sent to get him. 

Money and fame is everything, especially to Trager, desperate to get back to his own planet, and fame and fortune - until life throws him something he had never thought of.

James Polster is a film producer as well as a writer, and this little novella certainly reads like a film I wouldn't mind seeing. Poking fun at all that reality and celebrity TV stuff, Polster has nailed it.