Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Thank you Mr Bissell! (for your hand held steam cleaner)

This is a pic of the fabulous Bissell Steam Shot 2645
I had been thinking about a steam floor cleaner, but rather than spend a lot of money outright, I bought a hand held steamer as an experiment to see if a) if did the cleaning, and b) if I liked the idea..... Oh.  Wow. And also My Goodness!  Yes, it cleans, and Yes, I like it!

I'd better make it clear that I am not being paid for this blog post, and in fact Mr Bissell, if he is actually still around, will have no idea I am writing this, but it is a long time since I got excited about household goods!  This little beauty has cleaned the tiles in my kitchen, the doors of the cupboards in my kitchen,  the fridge (inside and out), skirting boards, removed dirty marks on walls, and I haven't even started yet..... It is simple to operate, comes with loads of attachable nozzles (although I did most of my cleaning with the neck you see in the pic) and a huge length of flex making it easy to get anywhere you want to go.  It also comes with 2 e-cloths, which take grime off easily.  I kept both on the go in a bowl of warm water with a little bit of Oxy something or other to get the dirt out.   When I'd finished, the water was d.i.r.t.y. and everything else was clean.  Score!

And the best thing of all about it?  NO soap; NO detergent; NO bleach.  Hardly any elbow grease either, and it runs on a half a cup of water at a time, which gives you steam for ages and ages. You have to wait a few minutes when it's empty before you remove the top and refill with water (but you can always stop for coffee (after all you will have done loads already!).  Yes, you have to plug it in to the electric to get the water hot for the steam, so if you are "green" minded, this could prick your concience, but as the only power you use is for heating the water and keeping it up to temperature you will soon realise that it's worth it's weight in gold (or rather in steam), especially as it has a thermostat so it only switches itself on when you have used some steam, so that it can create more, and then the light goes out again.  And no nasty stuff entering the water supply, or clogging up your drains.

I got this from Lakeland, where it is £10 cheaper than Bissell's own site.  This just might be my buy of the century!