Friday, 25 April 2014

Mozart's Ghost - Julia Cameron

Is this a book with a happy ending?  Well, let's just say my friend Hazel wouldn't like it, so no clues on here for other readers!! 

It's been on my shelves for around 4 years, coming off, going back on.  Wanted to read it but other books had more pull until now.  In the run-up to a busy holiday, I am reading only light reads for a couple of weeks, and a book that involves a miserable medum, the mouthy ghost of Mozart and a concert pianist amongst others didn't take long to read.  Anna is the medium, so good at channelling those who have "passed over" to those who need to hear from them.  She's in her early thirties, single and looking for (but definitely unlucky in) love.  Into her upper East Side block in Manhatten moves a concert pianist who is practicing for a big competition (practicing all day and most of the night and driving Anna mad!).  With him comes the ghost of Mozart, who desparately wants him to win because "he knows how to play me!"

It's light, frothy, and would make a great holiday read.  But just because it's light, there are still hints at how difficult life can be.  One of her friends is gay, a school teacher, whose partner has died.  Another is a girlfriend who goes through men like a knife through butter, sounding as though her life is fun (although it really isn't).  And Edward, the pianist.  Wants to win that competition, but the harder he practices, the tighter his neck muscles knot up.  Liked it.