Sunday, 8 June 2014

Timbuktu - Paul Auster

This is a short book (186 pages) with a big heart.  Mr Bones is a dog, and this story is about him.  However, it's not written by him, and there is no sweetness and cuteness here.  What there is the tale of a dog who can think, a dog who loves his master, a dog who has to make choices.  I have never read another Paul Auster book, but this would have to go on my all time favourite reads if for no other reason than Auster's gift with words, particularly in the first half of the book when Mr Christmas, Mr Bones' master is describing things, and thinking things.  For Mr Christmas has been a drug-taker, and has fried his brain.  This means that sometimes he says the same thing three times, sometimes he uses the same theme for three different comments, sometimes he uses several similar words.  And all the time, Mr Bones listens and thinks. When Christmas is on his last legs, he urges Mr Bones to run when the ambulance arrives.  He runs into his future.   Highly recommended.