Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hunting Season - Andrea Camilleri

Product DetailsA boat arrives in the harbour at Vigata, Sicilly, 1880ish, and the last passenger off is a pharmacist who does not take long in setting up a new shop and setting out his wares. In the same town, there are various philanderers of both sexes, titled families, servants, priests and messengers, all linked up in some way or another, which becomes clear as the story progresses. Then deaths begin to occur, and all, at first,  have very reasonable explanations!
What a delight this little novella was. Only 148 pages long, but I suggest you take the phone of the hook and get to know the characters - all of whom have long names. A real latin feel to it - and nicely amusing. I was put in mind of One Hundred Years of Solitude, although it was nothing like it, either in length or content. Andrea Camilleri is the author of the Inspector Montalbano books, though this is nothing like them, either!