Tuesday, 4 November 2014

It's not all about books!!


Photo: Stag Minstrel sideboard/dressing table/chest of drawers - you name it.  Very versatile in Provence

You may like it, you may hate it, but it has been many years in the back of my mind although I didn't know that until I saw it. 
 When we bought a 14" Sony portable TV many, many years ago, we lived in a tiny one-bed flat, and the OH made a built-in unit in an alcove, unlike anyone else's.  I loved it.  But over the years, we bought a bigger TV and it wouldn't fit anywhere near that little unit, which had to be dismantled. (We did re-use the wood - upcyclers, even then!)  For that new TV we acquired a pine kids' toybox, painted it pale blue, and the OH cut a slot out of the front for the video to peep out.  Lots of people loved that one, and you know, in another life, we might have made upcycling a business!  
That big TV was with us for many years, moved from London to Dorset and still worked a couple of years ago when we bought a flat screen TV. (We just can't remember what happened to the big TV, but one thing's for certain - it didn't get dumped!!).  Anyway, the flat screen TV went on a new entertainment centre - you know the kind - like a coffee table with boxed in sides a space under the TV for all the gizmos, and a drawer for instruction booklets etc.  And I never took to it.  So much so that I was supposed to paint it, but couldn't apply myself!! 
And then, two weeks ago, we were trawling round yet another Vintage Warehouse (which, have you noticed, are springing up everywhere like a rash?).  They used to be called House Clearance Depots, but Vintage sounds so much nicer than house clearance, doesn't it?  We were looking for a very small but chunky coffee table (no luck there so far); we found a lovely circular Ercol dining table with splayed legs and drop leaves - which we'd have bought, but our dining chairs are oversized and would not have fitted round; we saw lots of lovely stuff and were we starting our life together today,  it wouldn't take us long to get it together.  Anyway, I digress.  I was away on that side of the warehouse inspecting 1950s light fittings which I didn't like for me, but had to admire when the voice of the OH behind me pointed me in the direction of some lovely painted furniture and there she was!  Oh!!!!

We had a cup of tea and slice of cake in the cafe, went back and had another look, went home and measured the space (small cottage, no long walls!) and it would be perfect.  So phoning and asking them to hold it until the following day, we smiled and said "must have been waiting for us".  Today I take that remark very seriously, as I found it on their facebook site as early as June - how could someone else not have loved it?  TV looks great and look!  6, I said SIX drawers!! we are always short of space and will soon fill them.   I look at my little beauty every day, and make that Mmmmm sound.  She's lovely!