Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bed and Breakfast guests we remember!

I offer occasional bed and breadfast.  I have no sign outside.  I don't make a fuss about it, but I love doing it!  So when I get a message that someone wants to stay, I say yes.   So far, lots of lovely people have stepped over the doormat into our house.  We do mostly one-nighters, because we are on a trunk road, so people are travelling from here to there, and we are a convenient stop.  We like one night stoppers, because if they are not our cup of tea, in the morning, as they leave we breathe a sigh of relief; and if we do like them, are always sad to see them go.

Just recently, we had two really young folk to stay the night, on their way to babysit some chickens for a week.  He asked what my blog was about, and did I not blog about my guests?  Told him I didn't, and he said I should!  I laughed at the time but I've been thinking about it a little bit........

I'll be totally anonymous, for I would not upset anyone who had been a guest for the world.  but you know, there is a story (or several out there!).

Our first guest was a lady who stayed for several days during a happening in our town.  We enjoyed having her, she ate her breakfasts, and was quiet as a mouse!  Having taken the step to do B and B,  I was absolutely sure it would be fun, but the OH was not quite so sure, we were both pleased to say we'd stick with it and do it again!  And we have, many times!

An early guest arrived in the company of a very large, secondhand motor mower which he had acquired on his journey but could not leave in the car - the smell of the petrol was overwhelming in there, and if left overnight he was sure would knock him out on the journey home!  We hid it round the back of the house (in case, by some slim chance, a passer-by spotted a secondhand mower, inside a not very new car, and took a chance to attempt ownership).  I thought probably not, but as I was told early on in my working life, "the customer is always right".  After a huge breakfast, he rode off into the sunrise, windows open, complete with the stinking motor mower. We talked about him for days!  And then there was the antique seeker; the sailor from Switzerland; the Doctor Who Fan from Oregan and .......

I'll be back with a few more stories soon, so that you, and the chicken babysitter, won't be disappointed!