Saturday, 28 February 2015

Remember your teens? Ten memories from mine!

You may remember those years with love, laughter or angst...... but there may be times that will always stick.   For me?  Here are ten in no particular order.l

1.  My first kiss - his name was Roger, it was during a game of Postman's Knock at a party, and I really wanted to be kissed by my "crush", Malcolm McKay.  Not a chance, so Roger I got. 

2.  Rushing home  from youth club every Thursday in case The Beatles were on Top of the Pops, and rushing back again in case I missed anything good!

3.  Being in the local paper as the "mystery woman" who was reading a book instead of dancing at a local dance......and the book was My Cousin Rachel - Daphne du Maurier.

4.  Realising that music did things for you - after I first heard "Will you still love me tomorrow?" by the Shirelles on a transister radio in the school playground.

5.  My first real holiday without my parents - to a holiday camp (Hi De Hi!) with several friends.

6.  Being "in love" with Colin for several years.  Unrequited.  And realising later that teenage crushes are usually about wanting what you can't have.  I grew out of it!

7.  Discovering coffee shops, and spending hours following boys from one to the other and back again, drinking coffee and trying not to be seen looking at those boys!

8.  Lovely Lotus shoes which cost £4.19.11 (£5) and which I had to save up for at 2/6 (23ish pence) per week.  Brown leather, little heel, and a bow on the front with cream spots.

9.  Doing the upstairs cleaning every Wednesday afternoon (two bedrooms and a bathroom) because my Mum was not in good health.  A job that I'd do now in an hour took the entire afternoon because I didn't realise then that a job you hated should be done as fast as possible, thus leaving you loads of time for yourself.

10.  School trip to Bad Homburg Germany on an exchange visit,  and (boys again) realising that Pete really didn't fancy me and I'd just have to put up with it.