Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Moon Over Soho - Ben Aaronovitch

Moon Over Soho.jpg 

You could do as I did and read this one as a stand-alone, or you could start at the beginning with Rivers of London.  If the former, you get a good, gorey, fun read and you finish it with a smile.  If the latter, you have the treat of several more to follow.  Up to you!

Such fun, this book.  And brutal.  And gorey.  And did I say it was fun?

Peter Grant, that is DC Grant of the Metropolitan Police, is a trainee wizard.  The first trainee that the Met have taken on for over 50 years. Some of his powers are developing nicely - and some he is still useless with.  Ah, well, he has time to learn.  He's involved in the investigation into the death of a jazz man.  A saxophonist whose body has an imprint - not of a boot, or a weapon, but of an old jazz standard - "Body and Soul" - which those whose ears are tuned into magic can quite clearly hear as his body lays in splendour on the mortuary slab.  It turns out there is more than one jazz man's death to investigate:  and there are other murders too... when the first body  is found with it's genitals bitten right off - that is cause for alarm!

This is not my usual genre, this book just crossed my path - and I must say I'm glad it did.  If you don't know London it will not matter, just read and enjoy, but if you know London well it is a pleasure;  you will be led around Soho and Camden Lock, and Russell Square - and you will know exactly where you are going.  You will also find out the meaning of several things....my favourite, which made me squeak "oh!" and laugh out loud is Hoist by his own petard which I do use myself, knowing that in simplistic terms it meant too clever for his own good sort of thing.  But the real meaning is so much better.  Find it.  Read it.  Enjoy.