Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mrs Mac Suggests - what to read in MAY

Yay! it's May!   And what are we reading?  Suggestion is a funny thing all round.  I find a subject of some kind, I suggest it to you by throwing it out on the internet, and I never have any idea at all whether or not anyone takes any notice at all of my mutterings!  Still, got to press on, haven't you?

So for May, I am going to suggest that you read
A book that makes you laugh out loud "But how will I know  until I have read it?" you ask.  Well.... you don't really, do you.  But perhaps you have a book in mind and on reading it found that it will make you laugh out loud!

If you can get hold of a copy, may I suggest a book with a really "English" sense of humour -

Down With Skool 
                by Geoffrey Willans, and with wonderful sketches drawn by Ronald Searle. 

This is a book that is not funny if you read it aloud. But hopefully it will make you laugh out loud It is a book to read on your own, imagining how poor Nigel Moleworth ever got through school at all.  Remember too that this is not a new publication.  This was published back in the 1960s, and is about life in a public (private for US readers) school.  I read it several times in my teens, and I have a copy in the house now for guests to read.  Whether they do or not is another thing - but it's there!