Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Smartest Woman I Know - Ilene Beckerman

I found a pictoral review of this little book on a favourite blog - Letters from a Hill Farm.  Nan is a bit of an Anglophile.  She blogs from over the pond in New England.  I like her blog - she's interested in the sort of things I am.  Cooking, gardening, books, films...... so I am a regular visitor, and I know that sometimes she visits mine!  When I saw the pictures of this book I had to have it. So I acquired it second-hand, and very shortly it's going upstairs into the guest bedroom.  I am also ordering some more, because I know several friends who will enjoy this.

A great little book to keep by the side of the bed, or to give as a little gift, or to keep in a pile in the guest room.... but whatever you do, read it first. The smartest woman was Ilene Beckerman's New York Jewish grandmother. A woman who gave advice at every possible turn. A woman who had views on almost everything:  at age 15 to her granddaughter going to a party in her first little black dress - "You're wearing black?  You're going to a funeral?".  A woman who was good at business. You can find out what advice she gave Franklyn D Roosevelt's Mum.  Her views on sex.   I loved her, and when you make her aquaintance, I am sure you will too.

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