Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump - thoughts from the UK

You get the Government you deserve.  That's an old quote here in the UK.  The American electoral college is so different from the way we do elections, but like the US, actually we don't vote for the person, but for the party...... The face of the party at Presidential Elections is who you see though, isn't it?   Anyway,here are my own, very personal views about the news, based on the first hour I listened to the radio.

1.  I wonder whether Trump will continue to push for building a hotel and a golf course in Scotland where one little family in a tiny home are refusing to move out and let him in?

2.  The current US Ambassador to the UK - what a diplomat.    They had a party last night at the US Embassy, and this morning he just would not be drawn about his own personal opinion.  Brilliant.

3.  Trump turned into another person when announcing to his supporters that he was the winner.  Humble, with a quiet, sensible way of telling them their party had won,  and announcing what he was going to do.  Out of character?  Will it last?

4.  Will anyone want either of the Clintons to come and speak for money now?  If they don't, what are they going to live on?

5.  Will Trump keep US protectorates?  (e.g. Guam)

6.  Finally, How much will the House of Representatives and the Senate agree with Trump?