Monday, 29 May 2017

Mrs Mac Suggests...... what to read in June

Wet end to the month of May here in Dorset - but the garden is lapping it up!  And when you are tidying back and clipping and weeding, everthing gets wet - your trousers, shirt, shoes..... So the best thing is to come indoors and grab a book and a cuppa!

I wondered what to suggest because Springtime is not the time for a big chunkie read on the sofa with the fire alight, is it?  My attention span is always shorter in spring because I want to be gardening, and this year I am melancholy because a lovely friend died last week, and I am currently only reading mags and newspapers - and those with the attention span of a gnat!  So it didn't take me long to find an apt subject for a read in June, and I'm suggesting that even though you may never have read one before, just the thing for a quicker read might be

A graphic novel

You may huff and puff and mutter "comics!" under your breath, but believe me there is some good stuff out there.  Have a look in your local bookshop, or talk to your library.... you may be pleasantly surprised!  One of my favourites is some years old now, but in two volumes, I can really recommend

Maus - Art Speigleman

Set in WW2, all the characters are animals, Jews are mice, Hitler is a cat.  There are pigs and other animals too, but please don't imagine this is a children's book.

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