Monday, 6 November 2017

The Reminders - Val Emmich

I really enjoyed this refreshing and different book about death and a worrying condition - because of an injury, ten year old Joan has a photographic memory for certain things, and Gavin has just lost the love of his life. The two come together because Joan's parents are friends of Gavin and his dead lover Sydney. When Gavin realises that Joan can remember things Sydney did on his visits to New York from California, he wants to know everything..... and that's when the mystery starts - because he made several visits he never told Gavin about.
This is the author's first novel - and it's a good one. Written in alternate chapters by both Joan and Gavin and told in the present - I am going; he points; etc, this is just the right style for the storyline. And how nice to find a book that is a little different - a love story, but one of an entirely different kind, with characters I loved too. It's divided into sections headed by Beatles song titles, and within those sections, each chapter is quite short. A different style, and a book I kept wanting "just another chapter" of.

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