Monday, 29 January 2018

Mrs Mac Suggests - what to read in FEBRUARY

Well - we've got January over with - the longest month because it starts sometime shortly after Christmas!!  Hope you've read some good stuff - I have - and have a pile of "what to read next" somewhere handy.  February is a slightly shorter month (good), but it's the month of Spring Fever for me (bad), when I start to itch about getting out in the garden but it's just a wee bit early for that.  So of course, I fall back on a good book!

For February, let's read something slightly different.  I recently got a book for review, and so of course it has to be read pretty soon.  But I'm not asking you to review a book, just read something with a subject that is up to date and a wee bit different. 

A book that has AI (artificial intelligence) as a subject. 

The book I am going to read in February involves a piece of software needing to learn what makes humans happy:

Happiness for Humans  by P Z Reizin

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