Thursday, 1 November 2018

Mrs Mac Suggests - What to read in NOVEMBER '18

Autumn is well and truly here then.  Gutters full of fallen leaves, cold winds from the North, and yet somehow the sun still comes out and cheers us.  And in a few days, on 11 November, we will think about remembering that it is 100 years since the end of the First World War.  A war which really could have finished a few hours earlier.... except that politicians thought it would be a nice idea to round the date off.  Really?  Yes really.

My suggestion then for a November read is something you may never have thought about before.

Read a book about, or set in, World War One

I have a very special book set aside for this one.  Written by a friend of mine who is the historian for one of the City of London Companies (The Leathersellers), it tells of the war primarily via a very different channel - letters sent from the front to the soldiers' employer..... not, not a wife, a father, mother, lover, child, but to the Leathersellers.  There is a great deal of small life history between the pages, and many photographs.  The book is                                                                                                    
 This Ghastly Affair - Jerome Farrell

All sales proceeds will go to the British Red Cross.

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