Monday, 7 February 2011

I swore I wouldn't (but there you are!)

I thought I might, then I swore I wouldn't, and now here I am.  You will get bits of news, you will get bits of books, and you will get bits of us.... and if I ever find out how, bits of the garden!!

I read an average of eight books a month, this month will be higher as I seem to be ploughing  through smaller, thinner tomes, but there is at least one fatty waiting.

Today I am reading Kisses on a Postcard by Terence Frisby based on the playwright's own experiences of being evacuated to Cornwall during WW2.  Light and entertaining, and a joy because so many of those who were evacuated seem not to have had a good time at all, but Terry and his brother Jack ended up with two glorious Welsh souls, who lived in a terrace overlooking a railway station and juction.  They already loved the railways, their father's job was a railway job, so you could describe their immediate thoughts as died and gone to heaven!