Friday, 11 February 2011

Well, that was my first week!

Fun!  I didn't know if it would be but it is.  And I don't intend to have an input every day!  I still have some older reviews to put on, and if you, dear reader, come across something you have not read, and I have moved you to find and read that book, well, good!  You'll find nothing now until next week because we are in for a busy weekend.  Fi and Jude are here on Saturday for a quick visit and overnight stay which is always fun and a bit manic, and Sunday its the Fitzies, because we are celebrating Sid's 18th.  Lots of food cooked and eaten, wine drunk, laughs had - that's the spirit!

I see that the bulbs are all showing their tops in the garden now, including the wild bluebells which I don't want but nature knows best.  Its not that I don't like them, but they won't be controlled! (Bit like me, really).  Jude is bringing a large-ish plant for planting out so she can get her hands dirty out there as she is younger than me... :) and will be giving me advice in the kitchen.  My marmalade didn't set (about 8 lbs of it) and she phoned me last night with input from t'internet.  I must boil it all again and add more sugar. That will have to wait until next week as no time to get jam pot covers and greaseproof circles until then.  Good job I didn't stick the labels on the jars, eh?