Friday, 23 May 2014

American Road Trip - Old New Bern, a magic car show and a trio of rescue dogs - Part 7

I'll take the little one!
Breakfast next morning -"have what you like" says Debra.  We have a small one - riding miles in a car is not exercising!!  Then off on a quick tour of the old part of this lovely little town on a small open tour bus, which we were encouraged several times to get off and walk a few paces so that we could be shown places of interest.  Lots of Civil War history here, and you can see why if you find it on the map.  Here's a very nice house indeed, originally owned by a free black man, the son of someone important in town (white).  The little pink house next door is where the "help" lived.
It's hot and humid, so after the tour, I decide to walk back to the B and B for a cool rest in the sitting room, whist Maccers takes the camera and spends a very happy hour or so looking at vintage cars, parked right down Main Street and round the corner - for free!

This kind of show would cost you in the UK, but here in North Carolina, everyone is so pleased to show and talk about their vehicle.  Lots of great pics, and here are a few that I liked the look of!

Next morning, John gets washed and dressed, ready to get on the road.  Oh-oh! Nosebleed again!  Not serious, I plug it and Amy gives us a fabulous tip from her mother.  Put a roll of paper under the top lip.  Well, with the plug in place it worked - and it's a tip I'd use again.  After a quiet hour to ensure that it had stopped, we were off again, again across country to find our next accommodation up above Myrtle Beach.  Glenn had told us we had to see it, a cross between Blackpool and the Costa del Sol.  But we had other places  to  to go first (not that we knew where as we drove away from the doggy trio).