Saturday, 31 May 2014

American Road Trip - Richmond and what a small street has to offer! -Part 16

The facade - every ticket here $1.99


Cary Street is the street.  Richmond is the City, Virginia is the state.  Cary Street is the kind of place you want to spend a week's holiday/vacation on.  So many restaurants, cafes, bars.  Shops of the kind that you don't find in a mall.  The Byrd.  Ah, the Byrd!  That's an old theatre and cinema, still original, the box office faces the street.  Every Saturday night a Wurlitzer rises from the floor and gets played.  It is so big that several rooms in the basement house the working parts that give you the instruments you will hear (although of course it's all controlled and played via the keyboard).  And no, it isn't like an electric organ!  We are travelling home, so we are leaving in the morning, and the organ gets played at 5.30pm.  But if we ever get back, boy are we going to be there!  Find out more, here

The Box Office... if I lived near I'd hire a body to polish those lovely brass doors!

On Friday, we have lunch out, visit a fab bookshop which has books for $1 outside, and old and new books inside.  Also a famous cat who sleeps in the window called Dim Sum. "Do not tap the window" says the sign!  This cat likes undisturbed sleep. We also visit a newly opened kitchen supplies shop, buy a couple of small novelty items, and buy ourselves a tea-towel that tells us Y'all is an adverb in "the south"..... of course it is. We decide that our last night in the US will be spent in our little apartment, over food and a nice bottle of wine - and that is exactly what happens.  We call at a supermarket, get fried chicken and a bottle of Merlot, switch on the TV for a while, and enjoy, talking about leaving tomorrow, wanting to come back straight away, and generally deciding that for us, this was the holiday of a lifetime.

Just one more episode to go.  And by the way, if your name is Tammy Shmitt who commented on Google + - it cut your message off at "This is Tammy from ......"  so I never did get the name of our your town- comment again!

Oh yes, Tide!  My Mum used this throughout her life.  Once found, she never used another washing powder, and I have to say, it did clean the laundry well.  But I should have been out selling the remainder of the bottle on the street, because.... look at this!