Sunday, 24 May 2015

Garden News at Pine Tree Cottage (more!) - Small flowers out in May

 Well, I did say that I would take some pics of small flowers, and I seem to have got a bit carried away, although I am sure someone will like this look round.  They all came labelled, but through the years, I have forgotten the names, lost the labels, and you know, I am just that sort of gardener.  Sorry!

Californian Poppy - always seeds itself.

Don't be misled by this picture on the left..... the flowers are held on long stems, above spear-shaped leaves.  This one just happens to be growing through something else altogether!

And then below - Aquillega - this is a beauty and I didn't plant it, seed or otherwise.  Garden is full of these in the spring, but doesn't this look rare? Saving the seeds definitely!

Forgotten the name of this white lady.  Like little balls of fluff.  Short season, but the leaves which are like maidenhair fern will stay all summer.

Erodium Chrysanthum "Pink".  One of two Erodiums I had to have after seeing one in Sunil's Garden Blog

 Two rock roses, the one above is really scarlet, and it's new so I have great hopes that it likes it in this garden. The one on the left is dark, dark
orange and forms a huge clump.

And then, below, on to the hardy geraniums.

Pale and lovely "Ballerina" - forms large clumps

Another short one, but not so clump-forming in style

Newest - chocolate colours leaves, and tiny pink flowers in there!

Earliest of all, this tumbles over a little wall,forming a huge clump

Lovely tall one, works its way through other plants (this grows through a day lily)