Thursday, 21 May 2015

Garden news at Pine Tree Cottage

It seems so long since I posted anything about my garden!  I think the last time was when we had the summerhouse put in, and that was nearly two years ago....... OOOOps.  So, with new camera available and a sunny day outside, I thought I might just show you some colour and flowers.....

I love little shots of colour that help before flowers come in the garden.  I have had this blue pot for years, inside and outside.  This year it's going to sit here, on a little step, glowing away.  Don't worry, plenty of planting in this garden!

This is my yellow and white border..... and if you think you can see other colours here, well, aquilega doesn't have boundaries and seeds where it will!  Such a short flowering season, so why worry?  They will be gone soon, and I shall pull them out before the seed heads form - there are loads more.  And perhaps you can't see any white or yellow?  About one third down from the top of the picture, some yellow is spilling onto the edging;  The large grey lump in the bottom third of the picture is good old curry plant, and will be blooming shortly, as will the other green lumps which bloom as small cream buttons.  On the right you can see a climber... that's the clematis Bill Mackenzie, and I love it.  It never fails.  It's yellow when it blooms.

Here on the North side of the garden (but facing South, of course) is a mixed bed full of colour.  You can see a Ceanothus, nearly over now, and two similar but different Acers, both of which have put on some lovely height this year.  Sadly, the hedge behind is just bloomin' box, but at least it serves as a nesting area for blackbirds every single year and it sheilds us from the road!  And on the same side of the garden, just a little further along from the Acers, is the summerhouse, in all her glory.

I am going to take some more pics - closeups of small flowers.  It occurs to me that I do favour small flowers (not that I don't like others of course, tulips are lovely in the spring, roses all the summer please, peonies and day lilies are showy and wonderful) especially tumbling over walls and in pots.  Watch this space, it's been too long!