Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bed and Breakfast Tales - 5

Life has some great optimists - I am one!  But sometimes I find someone even more so than myself.  A while ago we had a couple staying with us who came from further West.  He ran a little second hand shop.  We talked about different things, politics, money the state of the nation - as you do!
And then it came round to "finds" in the antique world.  I thought he was going to tell me he had found something wonderful, and flogged it for a fortune.

Well.  He had found something sort of wonderful.  A pair of leopards, or similar, cast in bronze, black in colour, probably French.  I have watched enough Antiques Road Shows to know what he meant, and also to know that the signature of the sculpture will be somewhere on the bronze itself.  This had no signature, but in his own words "usually they have a wooden base and if I can find it, I know the signature will be on it and it will be worth a fortune".  What can you say?  If you are also a diplomat, and sometimes I can be, you say nothing, nothing at all...........