Monday, 6 July 2015

Mrs Kimble - Jennifer Haigh

Ken Kimble must be an accomplished liar.  He persuades lots of people that he is something when he isn't that something at all, throughout his life.  Especially women.  But how does he do that?  How can three different women love this nondescript man at different times in his life?  All well, there's the rub, as Will Shakespeare might say.

  • Product DetailsIt is no secret to tell you that Ken Kimble is dead.  This is described on the first couple of pages.  Once that's over, you will meet the Mrs Kimbles as we come across them,  and later they come across each other later in the book after each of their stories of life with Ken Kimble has been told.  The first one he just walks away from after eight years - leaving two small children and a twenty six year old wife.  He moves on to a woman older, but with physical health problems - and then on to a woman with whom he has another child, and stays around for longer.  Do they call those cold, emotionless people sociopaths?  Mmmmm, I think so.  He lies when convenient, and loves fame - his pic in the newspaper or his business on TV.  He sets his alarm for early, and jogs every single morning at 5.30 come rain or hail.  He eats badly, food down his front or on his shirt cuffs, and making love is beyond him.  Oh yes, he can perform the sexual act by fitting the appropriate parts together and grinding away for five minutes after which he rolls away, but that's that. And that's sex for him with each of those wives - and still he can keep them close and make them think they love him.  Is there something about a man who tells you nothing of his background?  There must be for some of us - but not me, as I want to know the ins and outs of everything.

                                                    Really enjoyed this odd, well written first novel.