Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Bed and Breakfast Tales - 8

A bit of a stink!

Our visitors were out for the day.  Winter, but the sun was shining.  Around noon I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door, to change the cups and glasses and empty the bin.  I  was assaulted by that bit of a stink I mentioned, and worried that one of our cats might have been trapped in there for hours, and - well - you know!

I moved all the furniture, looked under the bed, but could find no sign of anything nasty.  But with the door open, the bit of a stink extended across the landing and into the bathroom.  I opened the bedroom window, I opened the bathroom window.  But an hour later I could smell it downstairs as well.  What to do?  Nothing, except explain when they came back that it wasn't my cats at fault!

In the event, it was a round of lovely ripe Camembert....  so panic over, but you know, they didn't think it smelled at all.  I must have a sensitive nose!