Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bed and Breakfast Tales - 9

Splodge!  and it's there for ever!!

Splodge?......   Well, Splatt, perhaps even Blurgh (new word for use in graphic novels and comics - feel free to use!)

I'll explain.  At some point about a year ago, a guest obviously exploded a bottle of something inside the shower.  It wasn't shampoo, nor any kind of liquid soap or shower lotion, because that comes off.  After I've taken my shower, I wash the inside of my shower glass every day with a wet e-cloth, and that means actual glass cleaning (like your would your windows) does not have to be done so often.  I like a clean shower, and I am sure my guests do too.

Whatever this was, and I suspect it was the kind of body lotion you apply to wet skin,  it left the shadow of a seriously big splodge on the glass (and yes, it was just a shadow), which only showed itself once the glass got wet.   I scoured the internet but whatever I tried - vinegar; a dry Brillo pad on dry glass;  window cleaning treatments of various kinds; mould remover - and you name it I tried it, that shadow of the splodge remained.

And then I remembered that someone had given me a showerglass renovation kit as a present a couple of years ago.  In order to get your glass back to pristine, you have to remove any and all limescale and contamination from the glass first, before you give it the protection coating.  We have a water softener so we don't suffer too badly from water stains, but I took the little squirty bottle, and gave that sheet a glass a hell of a squirting!!  Then as instructed, rinsed it and dried it.  What d'you think?   AT LAST - almost gone.  So I am going to repeat the exercise and then do the protection.  There is always an answer out there somewhere, but who'd have thought that limescale remover also removed the shadow of a greasy splodge?