Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mrs Mac suggests - what to read in MARCH

Ah! March!  the month when spring starts. Or as my Mum used to say -
  "The Spring is sprung
                         The grass is riz
                                   I wonder where dem boidies* is?"   

Something completely different this month I think, and so my suggestion to you is to read a book that should have had a sequel.  Some people just have one book in them, and some authors just die too soon.  To Kill A Mockingbird didn't have a sequel (Watchman, published recently, was not a sequel, just the book she wrote that eventually became Mockingbird, so let's not worry about that).

Sometimes authors die and you know that there would have been several more had they lived. One I've read and was sad to hear that the author had died even before publication was Dora Damage - I loved it!  and wanted more.   A sequel would perhaps have been about her son, or even another child not mentioned yet....... see if the library has it.

The Diary Journal of Dora Damage - Belinda Starling

Edited to say sorry, title of book now corrected.
You could have told me, folks!!