Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Special Celebrations for an old un!

So there are times when something special comes along.  A family member has reached 90 which, although she is in good health considering everything, is a bit of surprise as both parents died at 64.  Myself and another (step)family member decided that a "do" in a posh hotel might be nice if she would like that.

She would!

So we organised a hot buffet lunch for 30, and met up in a very old and rather nice hotel in town.  She didn't know about the cake, but as the day was one week before her actual birthday, and she had chosen the words for the invitation as "I'm nearly 90, and I'd be delighted....etc" I thought about that as the wording on the cake.  A rich fruit cake with royal icing was just too much.  A sponge with soft white icing would be just too sweet.  And then I found a cake maker who would do just what I wanted!  This was a heavy sponge, flavoured with real lemon juice.  It had two layers of buttercream inside and on the outside, it was covered in buttercream (not too thick!) done in ombre (on all sides a darker colour at the bottom graduating to nearly white at the top).   The top is a sheet of soft icing, marked to look quilted, and the flowers  edible.

And for the slogan?  "I'm nearly 90!" of course!  She loved it, and it just goes to show that sometimes a special day can be marked with something different from Happy Birthday.