Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Victoria Wood, a woman of my times, dead at 62

"Prawns?  They hang around sewer outlet pipes, treading water with their mouths open".

That line, or something very near it, was written for Julie Walters.  I loved everything Victoria Wood wrote, but most of all I loved those lines which were surely overhearings, kept and treasured and then added to either a comedy routine or a sketch.

I loved the song "Let's Do It";  I loved the pathos Julie Walters brought to the "Two Soups" sketch;  I loved Housewife 49 in which she starred herself, and which was not her usual comedy poke in the eye.  In the old days of video recorders I kept loads of her shows to cheer up a bad day or a wet evening.

I loved "Acorn Antiques" - her clever and funny observation  of all those bad soap operas - especially the lines for Mrs Overall.   "Another cup of coffee Miss Babs?" doesn't have a whiff of a smile about it until you see Julie Walters delivering it as she was meant to.

Goodbye Victoria - You made me laugh.