Sunday, 24 March 2013

B&B excitement! - experimenting with breakfasts (part 1)

    Eggs Benedict

This year's project (one of them actually, there are several more!)  Is to host some B&B guests.  I joined AirB&B because it's the kind of thing I would do myself - travel and stay in someone's home I mean - and I am not in this to make money, just to have fun.  I have had several enquiries but for various reasons not suitable - until now!

First guest arrives Friday for 3 nights - so the room is clean, the bed is ready, instructions to find us issued, and this morning I tried out the first of several breakfasts I have up my sleeve, which was Eggs Benedict.  Looked professional, tasted fine, but was a bit boring........  Now why was that?  Hahaha!  I had left out the bacon/parma ham.  What kind of a host am I going to be?  Thank goodness I tried it out on Mr Mac first!  The pic is what Delia Smith's version looks like.....scrummy!