Saturday, 30 March 2013

Love, Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

If you loved the original Stargirl, I'm thinking that you will feel just the same about this one.  Stargirl (and her parents, have moved away from Leo's town - a long way).  She's now back to homeschooling and is missing Leo badly.  So badly that this book told by her, not about her, is just one long letter to Leo.  She's not actually in touch with him, but she's informed by other people what he's doing and where he is.  But although she loves him dearly, she has to get on with life - and in this new life it means making friends whilst still being true to herself.  The first friend she makes is Dootsie - and she's just five years old.  Then there's the lady who runs the doughnut shop, and Alvina, younger than her and angry with everyone, balanced as she is on the edge of puberty. There are more, too, you'll get to meet them - and then there's Perry, who steals things, just small things, like a lemon from the greengrocer, and who has a group of girls who all adore him.  Stargirl is invited to join the group.....
Again, I found my self transported back to the age that she is, experiencing the feelings she has, and that's a skill for a male author writing a young adult book.  She's a little older now, and beginning to understand life too.  There are people out there who perhaps need a little help, an arm to lean on,and she finds she's not alone in her oddness at all. A real charmer of a book, and I recommend that you read Stargirl first and then this one, Love Stargirl, if you have not yet done so.  But I do recommend that you do read them!!