Monday, 1 April 2013

B & B first guest loved my breakfasts!

Well, that's it!  have had my first B & B guest who was as quiet as a mouse, was out walking all day, and told me that my breakfasts were amazing! As she was staying for 3 nights, I decided that 3 different breakfasts were in order, and that I was not going to offer
bacon sandwich "full English" at all, but was going to do something that was not hard
work, and not like everyone else's.  So. The three breakfasts were as follows:

1.  Eggs Benedict
two halves of an muffin, buttered, topped with Parma Ham
and poached eggs served with Hollandaise Sauce.  Toast and
home made preserves.

2.  Sausage Breakfast
Four large pork chipolatas from local farm shop, four hash
browns, and two tomatoes halved and lightly fried, served with
tomato sauce.  Toast and home made preserves.

3.  Bacon Sandwich
Natural yogurt with fresh stewed rhubarb.  Bacon sandwich made
with malted brown bread, no crusts, sliced thin and gently toasted;
four rashers of local, unsmoked back bacon.  Served with tomato
sauce and a side of fresh mushrooms.

I have looked after many friends in my time, and regularly have my sister to stay for a week.  It was therefore interesting, but not hard work to have a stranger in the house.  The only thing I have never done before was do tea and coffee making facilities ..... got a big old tray, decorated it and varnished it, and on it went:

Bottle of filtered water (from our tap, not from shop) - also drinking glass
Container with tea bags, coffee sachets, fruit and earl grey teabags, hot chocolate, sugar.
Mugs, small dish with spoon (handy to put used teabags in)
Small plate in case they bring in food (likely)
Container of milk
Daily small treat (in this case, day one packet of chocolate eggs, day two,  two banana flavoured biscuits, day three, packet of dried fruit and nuts).

Finally, little laminated welcome note telling guests how to switch on TV, what books they can take away if they like, what to do with their towels etc, and to ask if they need anything.  Also, in the bathroom, a little tray with spare toothpaste, spare soap, spare shampoo just in case.

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