Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rosemary - with food, for remembrance, air freshener.......

Wait a minute....... did I just say AIR FRESHENER?
Yes, I did! Rosemary, that lovely Mediterranean herb which goes so well with lamb, which can be cooked into biscuits, scones, bread;  can be used in other ways too.  As an air freshener, you just need a sprig picked and left to dry for a day or two on a windowsill before setting the tip alight.  It will flare up and fizzle out, giving off a thread of scented smoke. Mmmmm!  You can throw a sprig or two onto the BBQ  for smell and flavour; and you can also tie a sprig or two with ribbon and loop it round coat hangers to keep your wardrobe sweet smelling (and maybe moth free too, although I cannot guarantee that!). Finally, but very, very, very important - when Rosemary blossoms it attracts bees, and what could be better than that, in these days when bees seem in danger.  So what better to plant in that odd corner of the garden that you haven't filled yet?  It's evergreen, in Summer the flowers are blue, and do plant near the path, so that you can pick some for cooking, but also you can just pull your hand through the bush as you walk by to release the smell.