Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Author Mal Peet dead at 67 (Carnagie Medal winner for Tamar)

On my shelves sit lots of books, waiting for the "right" time to read them.  By right time I don't mean Christmas, or the summer holiday, or a wartime tale to be read around 11 November each year.  In fact, I am not sure exactly what I do mean by the "right" time.  Some books have been saved for a treat (I kept The Book Thief for 3 years before I read it as I somehow knew it would be a good 'un), some I read because I have a couple of days to go before the end of a month and I take a thinnie off the shelf.  Fatties I save for holidays (great plane reading); or for a weekend when the OH is off somewhere doing his own thing; or the times I succumb to a head cold and I can indulge myself for hours and hours just reading.


And so, having just finished yesterday's newspaper, in it's obituary pages there it was - this Carnagie Medal winner was dead at only 67.  So Tamar has to come off the shelves.  Another one saved for ages because it looked another good 'un, a tale of  "..... a man involved in the terrifying world of resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied Holland...".

You can read Mal Peet's obituary here