Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bed and Breakfast Guests we Remember (2)

From time to time I am dropping in little memories about guests in my occasional B&B, to cheer you up, readers, and also to encourage (?!) those who are thinking about going down this fun route!!

"Where are you?"
 was my reply to a little family from Italy who were late arriving, and eventually phoned the house, only able to tell me they could not find me.
 "Co-operative for Food"
came the reply and I heaved a sigh of relief. Mr Mac had not partaken of any beers that day, so maybe we could pull off a quick rescue!
"Colour and make of car?"
 "Red Nissan Note"
"Stay where you are! My husband will come and get you - he's driving a small blue car".
Urging Mr Mac to drive down to our local co-op, he was gone in a flash, only to call me 5 minutes later.
"They're not here".
"Drive round again"
"I've been round twice already - there are no Red Nissan Notes in this car park!"

What to do? I have their mobile phone number and I call.
"We can't see you. Where exactly are you?"
"Co-operative for food"
"What can you see from your car?"
"Co-operative for food"

Frustrated, I know I cannot explain that Mr Mac is sitting in the Co-op car park and they are not, so I think again.
"What else can you see from your car?"
"Texaco petrol"
 Penny drops! They are in our local petrol station, and the little shop that goes with the business is indeed Co-operative for food! But it isn't in the same place as the supermarket, is it?!   I call Mr Mac again.
"They're in the petrol station!"
"I'll go now".

 And five minutes later they were walking down the garden, laughing, towards me, also laughing, and clapping too. They'd made it!