Wednesday, 12 August 2015

You know what a CEO* is, right?

Today we booked our car in for a clean and valet.  I firmly believe in paying for good service if you can afford to do that, for you're keeping someone in a job.  The young man who came out with the diary found that they had a space at 12.30 on Friday next, and we booked that.  He took our phone number and name, and confirmed that we were having the "number 3" valet.  And then he added....."sadly, it will not be me that does the job on Friday.  Freda, our CEO will be valetting your car".

As this little business is a two man band, forgive us for smiling all the way home in the car!

*CEO - Chief Executive Officer (well, you can't blame them for looking to better things, can you?!!)