Monday, 10 August 2015

Zeitoun - Dave Eggers

Today I am going to say very little about a book that shook me up.  I am going to add a link to another blog where the book is reviewed at length, and where a follow-up explains what happened to the Zeiton family afterwards.

The book is non-fiction, and tells the story of Zeitoun, a Syrian-American and his family, a businessman living in New Orleans.  It starts with the approach of Hurricane Katrina;  continues with the devastation of parts of the city, and ends with a worrying last chapter, when his wife is obviously going through a breakdown whilst trying to come to terms with what had happened.  I believe that despite what  has happened since, this is a book worth reading.  A book which shows all too simply how society breaks down in an emergency, especially when ordinary people want to do their bit but are not always able, and especially when a uniform suddenly makes you a god who must be obeyed.

If you can bear it, read it, please - but do go to this blog and read the review and the afterwards.