Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Clematis - Madame Julia Correvon, and I want her!

clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon

Meet Madame Julia Correvon - and whilst I don't have her in the garden yet, I think I have found a spot.  We are having hardstanding paviors in our car parking spot, and when all is finished, I have about a foot square of new planting space at the end of an existing border. A very small brick built shed, never used by us, used to stand there, plus an assortment of shrubs which formed a sort of hedge which was only about four foot wide, facing the road.  That space is now big enough to hold the new style wheelie bins, of which we have 2, plus the foodstuff caddy and the box which holds glass.  The hardstanding paviours are laid on smashed up brick (from that little shed) and what I think in the trade is called "chippings".  

So what to put in that foot square of space? Clematis need cool roots, and I think it can send roots down into the bricks to stay cool, whilst having a nice topping of good soil and some pebbles on top.  That spot also does not get full sun until after noon in high summer.  It will grow up (I hope) some fencing which will sit at the back and side of the bins, and will eventually be seen from the road, which is lovely for passers by.  She can also be trained to go the other way behind a winter flowering Vibernum bodnantense "Dawn"and onwards along the fence.
The plants in the existing border are mostly red and pink, including the Vibernum.  There's a huge pink  peony which is very hit or miss because if it rains whilst it is starting to blossom it's finished.  But I love it too much to remove it, and in any case, in front of it grows crocosmia/monbretia (change of name and I can't remember which way!) Lucifer, which is a vibrant red.  There is another crocosmia/monbretia too, a lovely pale orange with a yellow eye.  Also in that border is a dark red (towards black at the end of it's bloom) rose, and  another shrub (sorry, name escapes me) which has white flowers in early spring, and black berries around now plus a silver birch on the corner.  And as it turns the corner, the border turns from red to orange and yellow.

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