Monday, 26 September 2016

Film Freak - Christopher Fowler

Let me introduce you to Christopher Fowler.  This is the second of his memoirs, the first (Paperboy) being about his childhood;  this starting in his late teens/early twenties, is about his love of film, particularly black and white English film and his involvement in the business.  His views on Hollywood are eye opening.  He and his business partner and friend, Jim, were involved in the business for many years and this book is a great read for film buffs and those, like me, who lived in London for the period it covers.  That doesn't mean I know as much as he does about film or about London, but I did enjoy the read.  A lot of laugh out louds, a lot of smiles, a touch of sadness, and right at the end, the solving of a mystery that had haunted me for years and years.

And let me just remind you, readers, that you are far more likely to know Mr Fowler as the author of the Bryant and May detective mysteries, which are fabulous reads - and who could not resist two old detectives who are named after a box of British matches?  Go on, seek them out!!

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