Friday, 2 September 2016

When things become a thing

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I found a funny comment this morning on a favourite blog.  Melissa's blog,  The Inspired Room,  has a show house this morning.  It's in Oregon, USA and amongst the comments that follow the posts someone has asked "when did cotton bolls become a thing?" because the interior designer has used cotton bolls instead of cut flowers in a couple of rooms.

I laughed because everything becomes a thing these days!  Pinterest,  Facebook et al will show you all sorts of things and of course you are free to use the pics and design your own interiors, get a new haircut,  hang some words on the wall, cook something new.  But probably the reason cotton bolls have become a thing is that Joanna Gaines of the TV programme Fixer Upper has them for sale in her Magnolia shop...... how the internet gets you everywhere, doesn't it?

But before you go, these pictures show you cotton in it's raw form.  This is what they look like before they turn into anything!
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