Monday, 31 July 2017

Comma butterfly spotted late July

Comma - Chaldon, Surrey 19-March-11
So lucky!  just at the end of July and I have spotted another new butterfly in the garden.  Now when I say new, I mean new to me.  They may have been flitting around for years, but I don't think so - and this is the new sighting - The Comma.

This is the female, pretty wings, the underneath a good disguise looking like a dried up leaf.  See below - and also below the reason it's called the Comma.  See the white "comma" on the underneath?

Comma female - Belstead Brook Park, Ipswich 2-Aug-2013
Photo © Vince Massimo
Polygonia c-album - Family Nymphalidae Rafinesque 1815. 

PS - also today, a Gatekeeper, but that was not new to the garden as I posted about this butterfly last Summer.

Gatekeeper (female), Hog Wood (23 July 2011)
Photo © Mark Colvin