Friday, 12 August 2011

Body missing: Greatest Mouse Detective on the case!

The recent murder of a member of our community by Fred Maclean, currently out on bail, is followed by a mystery.  Who stole the body of Trevor Smallsqueak?  The local police have hired Shermouse Holmes to investigate.

"At present, I have very little to go on" said Mr   Holmes.  "The body was left on a sheet of paper, and the big 'uns were overheard saying that the body had just disappeared before they could give it a decent burial.  This is simply not good enough, bless my whiskers, no!  I have inspected the paper, on which there was no sign of foul play, just a few mousie hairs.  If a huge gust of wind blew the body off the paper, surely the body would be visible to us?  Having looked everywhere in the vicinity, it seems to me that an opportunist was passing and took the body.  After all, Maclean was inside the house warming his godforsaken body by the heating machine, and his sister was also inside.  I am going to speak to the Smallbird Community who live nearby, to see if they can throw any light on this.  They may have seen something.  There are whispers of a Raptor in the area - Mr B Uzzard is a known mouse snatcher, and he may have spotted the body from on high, and swooped".  Mr Holmes has assured the mouse community that he will solve this case later, rather than sooner.  
Tongin Cheeeeeek reporting for the Daily Fieldwhiskers. 

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